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The goal of DEMODIV is to shed light on the microevolutionary processes underlying rates of species formation, with particular emphasis on studying the demographic controls on this phenomenon. Using as study system a radiation of grasshoppers...

Bridging the gap between demography and diversification

Documenting, anticipating and mitigating the impacts of climate change in alpine biotas ideally requires detailed taxonomic and evolutionary assessments, evaluating the genetic diversity status of contemporary populations...

Demogenomic assessment of alpine biotas
Predicting responses of oak communities to global change

An important challenge in conservation biology is predicting how organisms will respond to different aspects of human-induced global change. The goal of this project is to employ genomic data to infer past demographic...

Linking demography to climatic oscillations in alpine grasshoppers

Understanding how past environmental changes shaped the demography of natural populations is fundamental to predict their responses to different aspects of ongoing global change. Recently, the importance of studying...

Genomic divergence along the speciation continnum

The goal of this project is to integrate next generation sequencing techniques, detailed phenotypic information and spatial modelling to unravel the factors promoting recent evolutionary radiations and infer the underlying evolutionary processes...


Since 2006, we have monitored ten populations of the specialist grasshopper Mioscirtus wagneri from La Mancha region (Central Spain). This grasshopper forms highly isolated populations around saline and hyper-saline lagoons...

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Long-term genetic monitoring of highly isolated populations
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